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Expert brain health solutions tailored to your needs, delivering efficiency, reliability, and satisfaction every step of the way!

At Get Brain Fit! our mission is to encourage the essence of HOPE through the transformative power of brain health strategies to inspire you beyond limiting beliefs and toward limitless true potential in a truly holistic way!

Nicole is a Certified Brain Health Professional, Rehabilitation Counsellor & Master Hypnotherapist.

Get Brain Fit’s brain-changing services include:

– Brain Health Coaching to optimise your brain

– Brain Training to enhance cognitive functioning

– Hypnotherapy services 

About Nicole

A Life Changed Forever

At just 16, Nicole’s life changed forever. A severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) suffered after a horrific hit and run accident not only left Nicole for dead on the road, her chances of survival were not considered high.

Dying two more times in hospital, the doctors were convinced that Nicole’s chances of survival were only 30%.  The initial prediction was that if she did survive, it would be in a vegetative state, or at best, with only the ability to work in a sheltered workshop.

Imagine going from a normal healthy 16 year old girl with her life ahead of her, to this. It’s easy to understand how such negativity could take over and stop even the most positive person from moving forward.

Not Nicole! 

Nicole saw this negativity as her motivator to get back up and prove the doctors wrong. She did just that. She found her neuro grit to never quit!

Nicole studied Rehabilitation Counselling at Griffith University, and graduated in 2005. Since that time, she has worked in the occupational rehabilitation industry as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and accredited Mediator.  She is also a Certified Brain Health Coach, Master Time Line Therapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Today she’s become a #1 Best Selling Author and has also developed an app to help other people suffering from memory issues. For more information on these products and so much more, see below.

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Holding on to Hope

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Get Brain Fit Programs

Nicole Yeates - Keynote Speaker to inspire and motivate with a solution focused lens

Nicole Yeates - Keynote Speaker

Nicole inspires professionals to improve their memory, focus, productivity and neuro-grit by providing a hollistic approach to brain optimisation so that you and your team can harness your true potential.

How would it feel to kick up your creativity and performance, be more productive, and supercharge your or your team’s motivation for work and life? Nicole  is available to speak on the following topics:

  • The Science of Neuroperformance: Harnessing Your True Potential – How to increase productivity and team culture while reducing risks of injury and cognitive decline
  • Inspirational: What do you do when all you see are barriers to prevent you getting what you want? Nicole talks about barrier cracking strategies to move from ‘can’t’ to CAN.
  • Educational: Nicole speaks on a variety of topics, including:
  • Effective goal planning for populations with cognitive issues
  • Change your Brain, Transform your Life
  • Mindset & Memory Boosting

Keynote Speaker

Businesses and brands are about people and people love stories.

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