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Enhance Your Memory, Mood, Productivity & Grit by getting brain fit!

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Increased Productivity

The best solution for your brain?

Are you sick of forgetting things, and feel guilty for frequently letting people down?

Are you feeling frustrated by anxiety, depression or neurodiversity issues?

Has a brain injury left you feeling a sense of hopelessness and helplessness?

Are you a busy person who is feeling overwhelmed with to-do’s and are sick of people telling you that you need to cut down your work load?

Those that work with me, improve their memory, mood, productivity and grit with strategies that get them brain fit. Get clarity to increase your success, happiness and brain power!



Our solutions

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Brain Fit Programs

Customised peak performance programs to increase productivity and results

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Brain Optimisation Coaching

Sports Injury/Brain Injury NDIS funding for approved clients

Nicole Yeates - Keynote Speaker to inspire and motivate with a solution focused lens

Keynote Speaking

Inspiration & motivation with a solution focused lens

Registered NDIS Provider

Brain Health Professional
BX finalist
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Build a better brain starting today!

About Get Brain Fit

“In a world of new challenges, it is refreshing to have ‘can do’ thinkers like Nicole Yeates, who can inspire people to have that ‘never give up’ attitude and optimistic framework for life. Nicole helps people to find their neuro- grit to never quit!”

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Nicole is a true inspiration. Shining a light for others who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Not just surviving but thriving and showing others how to truly live a meaningful and successful life. Her knowledge, support and caring nature ensure you are well cared for during your healing journey. Nicole is and excellent and motivating keynote speaker and best-selling author.

Dr Liz Isenring

Health & Wellbeing Expert

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Enhance your memory

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