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Brain Injury Changed His Life Forever

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Daniel was experiencing memory problems, coordination issues, difficulty concentrating, and seizure like activity in his brain which caused him to lose sight.
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‘Danny’ was in his 40’s and had a great job earning around $200,000 per year as a construction contractor. He was independent, happy, in love and had a bright future ahead of him.

In a moment of anger, he got on his motorbike. He was experiencing emotions of hurt, anger and sadness and took it out on the road, driving way beyond the speed limit. He lost control of his bike and collided with a lamp post. Danny had sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, broken his pelvis and many other bones.

Danny was placed in an induced coma following surgery to repair his bones. When Danny awoke from his coma, he has some personality changes. Everyone he had ever known (except his mother when she was angry with him), called him Danny but now he insisted that his name was Daniel and that was what everyone should call him. He became very distressed when anyone called him Danny instead of Daniel.

Daniel participated in extensive physiotherapy for his broken body. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of focus on his brain injury, and he fell through some of the medical gaps in care that can occur.

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Daniel was experiencing memory problems, coordination issues, difficulty concentrating, and seizure like activity in his brain which caused him to lose sight.

When I started working with Daniel, it was 11 years post brain injury. He was living alone and on NDIS Government disability benefits. He had not held a driver’s licence since his injuries due to the seizure like activity which caused him to lose his eyesight. The seizures could happen a few times per week or a few times per day and they came without warning.

What we measure, we can improve, so I undertook a Brain System Analysis with Daniel which showed he had struggles with his Prefrontal Cortex, Basal Ganglia, and Temporal lobe. In addition to this, Daniel was a heavy drinker and alcohol is a neurotoxin to the brain. I also conducted a Brain Health Assessment and determined that he may have Irlen Syndrome which is a condition that impacts the visual processing system of the brain. Some of the common symptoms of Irlen Syndrome include light sensitivity, headaches, and difficulty reading due to blurring of words and difficulty concentrating. I referred Daniel for an Iren Syndrome Assessment, and his diagnosis was confirmed. He was provided with Irlen glasses to correct the visual processing issue and for the first time in many years, he was finally able to read a book, and a menu when he went out for dinner.

Following his brain assessment, I developed a Brain Health Action Plan which includes activities Daniel could do to strengthen the areas of his brain that were struggling. Over time, Daniel’s information processing speed became noticeably better and his neighbours and friends commented about how much better he seemed.

Daniel also struggled with sleep since his brain injury, and I recommended Ashwagandha for Daniel’s anxiety and sleep difficulties. He also started taking a high quality Omega-3 (there is a big variation in quality between Omega-3’s!) to help with brain function, and as an anti-inflammatory aid. He found these to be very helpful. Chronic lack of sleep puts us all at higher risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Having a brain injury also puts a person at higher risk of Alzheimer’s Disease so getting on top of this issue was critical for Daniel’s future health as well as his current cognitive function.

After a 30-day detox, with a healthy fruit and vegetable-based diet, and acupuncture to increase blood flow to the brain, Daniel was going weeks without a seizure and was on track to get his licence back.

Daniel's Testimonial

“I sustained a severe traumatic brain injury 11 years ago and began participating in the Get Brain Fit! Brain Optimisation Program with Nicole 10 months ago. As a result, I have experienced the following benefits: – Improved sleep – Improved digestive functioning – Significantly reduced chronic migraines and seizures – Enhanced goal clarity and motivation – Improved ability to manage aspects of my anxiety – Improved ability to read and understand written words following Nicole’s referral to an Irlen Syndrome Assessor who provided me with corrective Irlen glasses. I can now read books! These benefits have resulted in me being able to go for my licence for the first time since my brain injury and I will soon be doing a practical driving test! I highly recommend Nicole’s Brain Optimisation Program.” 

A Brain Health Assessment can be life changing…….


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